Samurai experience in the nature

A journey to rediscover yourself


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Retreat yourself in a natural environment not far from Tokyo.
Japanese swordsmanship and meditation/breathing techniques will help realign your body-mind, and find your central axis.
The experiences program is based on samurai wisdom and Japanese spirituality with deep traditional root, combined with sound healing, artistic performance, and the power of nature.

My name is Yusuke Goto, and I offer experiences of samurai culture and wisdom.
Throughout my life as a swordsman, I have been continuously exploring the role of the Way of the Sword in this modern world.
The Way of the Sword is not only about fighting; it is also about prayer and purification. It is deeply rooted in the traditions of Japanese culture and spirituality, and can serve as a guiding light in your life.


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Past samurai experience programs by Yusuke:

-Average rating: 4.99 stars! ★★★★★
-Receiving more than 1,100 reviews
-Total number of participants: over 3,000 from 50 countries around the world!
We are waiting for you with a renewed program.
Come enjoy the new experience provided by the man called a legend on a worldwide tour booking site!

1. Praying at shrine and nature
2. Changing to Kimono
3. Lectures on the samurai philosophy
4. Sound meditation
5. Practicing swordsmanship
6. Cutting a target using real sword
7. Performance of samurai art

In this experience, you can feel the spirituality that has been cherished and nurtured in the land of Japan since ancient times.

Meeting place : JR Fujino station
address :1698, Obuchi, Sagamihara Shi Midori Ku, Kanagawa Ken, 252-0184, Japan

Program information

Available dates: Once a week* from March to November (closed in winter)
  *Visit the link at the bottom for detailed schedule

Time required: 3-4 hours

Fee: Please visit the link at the bottom

Payment : Credit card or Paypal

Language: English / Japanese (The program will be delivered in English)

Reservation: Please visit the link at the bottom 

About your host
佑介 –Yusuke / Samurai artist
A teacher and performer of Japanese sword art, embodying the spirit of ancient Japanese tradition which cannot be found in museums nor on TV/online broadcasts. His passion is to spread the true spirit of the samurai way. His practice as a swordsman amounts to 17 years, with a 5th dan (rank) black belt in sword martial arts “Tou-dou”. He is also a Japanese bamboo flute player. He has taught/performed sword skills to over 3,000 people from all over the world. Champion of the 2018 sword skill tournament (All Japan “Toudou” Competition).

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